Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weekly Menu and Grocery Haul

Chadd and I braved the snow storm on Sunday night to go to Costco and Safeway. I wish we had the receipt from Costco, but we spent about $210 and came home with:

- 2 pound of salmon ($20)
- 5 tilapia filets ($15)
- 6, 1.5-2lb bags of boneless, skinless chicken thighs (5 thighs per bag) ($22)
- 10 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts ($20)
- 4 pounds ground beef ($18)
- 7 1/2 dozen eggs ($8)
- Giant tub of coconut oil ($15)
- 14 Fuji apples ($8)
- 14 Gala apples ($6)
- 2 gallons milk (for Chadd only)
- Heavy cream (for Chadd)
- Large bottle of sea salt ($5)
- Toilet paper

So, if we're talking paleo, our Costco bill came out to: $190

We took everything home, divvied up the meat into meal-sized portions and put most of it in the freezer. This should last us for the next month, at least.

I'm aiming to price out each of our meals, but I failed to impart this to Chadd...so no receipt. I've given rough estimates of cost to the above.

For Safeway, we came home with:

Unsweetened applesauce: $2.50
Walnuts: $4
No sugar added apple juice: $1.67
Slivered almonds (to make almond flour): $6.79
8 packs of frozen veggies: $15
Bacon: $7
Duck (this was a special treat for us): $14
1.5 pounds beef for stew: $5.25
1.5 mixed ground beef, veal, and pork: $4.50
1 pound ground veal: $5
1.5 pound ground lamb: $7.60
2 pounds frozen shrimp: $17
.9 pounds asparagus: $3.50
1.25 broccoli - $1.89
2.3 pounds grapes $4.5
2 bunches parsley - $2.98
Celery - $2.38
Strawberries - $4

Total: $105

When we go to Safeway, I spend about a half hour before hand going through the Safeway app and choosing the coupons on it. I'm sure it's a total scam, trying to get info, but doing that and reading the weekly circular in that app saved us a total of: $68.46. That's a lot of money!

Tonight, I spent a lot of time cooking for the rest of the week. I made paleo tomato soup (which, honestly, isn't amazing, I need to work more on the recipe) as well as carnitas, which will probably appear in some lunches, snacks, and dinner.

My week got a little changed up with the snowstorm and our work schedules, so here is what wound up happening for our weekly meals:

Sunday night: Taj Mahal Chicken (Well Fed 2) with cauliflower
Monday lunch: Taj Mahal Chicken leftovers
Monday dinner: Hill Country (BBQ!)
Tuesday lunch: Taj Mahal leftovers
Tuesday dinner: rosemary lemon salmon and asparagus
Wednesday lunch: Tomato soup
Wednesday dinner: Carnitas (Paleo Slow Cooke)
Thursday lunch: Carnitas
Thursday dinner: Beef stew
Friday lunch: Carnitas, tomato soup, or beef stew
Friday dinner: Chicken with the leftover curry sauce from meatballs and the curry earlier in the week
Saturday: Pork tenderloin

The biggest tip for going to the store and shopping is to plan out at least 2 weeks of meals. I bought all of our protein based on about 20 meals that I looked at and would plan to make. The only thing that takes weekly trips (for us) is produce, so I probably head to the grocery at least once a week for veggies and fruit. Save money by purchasing things in season - not because you want them.

The last thing is to make sure you make enough the night before  to have leftovers. It'll save you time more than anything else.

In other news...

My workout schedule looks like this:
Monday - Off
Tuesday - Spin and Yoga
Wednesday - Track
Thursday - Swim
Friday - Swim
Saturday - 6 mile run
Sunday - 1.5 hours on the bike

This is my second week back to training, so I'm already feeling a little bit of a time crunch just having the stress of needing to make sure I get home in time to work out, or go to bed early enough to wake up to train.

Annnnnd speaking of. Time to go to bed.

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