Sunday, December 1, 2013

2014 Whole30 Warm Up

As I drove along with my parents on day 2 of a fourteen hour road trip with delicious food stops including oysters (paleo!) and beignets (...not so much), I decided it's time to capitalize on the holiday dread of weight gain and sluggishness, missed workouts and tight pants to start a Whole30 warm up.

Whole9 themselves just posted a great blog entry on why it's not a great idea to start Whole30 during the holidays. You can read it here: Thinking about a Holiday Whole30? Think Again.

I'd like to do a blogger carnival/internet/twitter Whole30 group starting on January 2 (yes, the 2nd). Meaning, full on Whole30.

Here are my initial thoughts on the holiday Whole30 warm up and why I personally will be doing it. There's nothing worse than doing a bang up job during the year with your diet and exercise, only to let the cold and holidays throw you off track. Whole9 writes this suggestion:
Try interspersing days of Whole30 in between special holiday occasions. The more you remember how good you feel when you eat healthy, the easier it will be to pass on those things that aren’t special.
Perfect! So, I'm going to be Whole30 at home. Holiday parties, if there is something I can't pass up? Ok, I'll give it a modified shot. When my mom makes the Rommel Family Trifle for Christmas? Pass me a plate. But, with the stress and chaos of the holiday surrounding me, I'm choosing to use Whole30 as the element that centers me.

I come home tonight around 6 - if I have the energy, I'm heading out to the grocery that evening to pick up all my supplies for the week of cooking. Chadd doesn't come home until Tuesday night, so Monday is the cook-a-palooza.

Coming up shortly...Week 1's menu, recently revamped after reviewing my freezer.

Am I totally nuts for doing this during the holidays? Time will tell. If you are interested in doing the warm up or the January 2nd strict Whole30, tell me!

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