Saturday, June 11, 2011

Detox Debrief

I've found that the hardest thing to do in a detox is to pre-prepare food and to think about what I'm eating.

I think most of us probably eat what's available, what we *want* at that exact moment (cravings!), or what's served to us. I found myself constantly wondering when I'd last thought about food this much. It's sort of embarrassing, really. Shouldn't we be thinking about what it is that we put into our bodies? I spend more time thinking about fueling my car (well, really about how I'm going to afford to fuel my car) than I do about how to fuel my body.

Part of this problem for me has been that Chadd and I have entirely different metabolisms. We have similar tastes in food, but entirely different reactions to them. The more fat, carbs, and fatty protein that Chadd eats, the better he looks (when he survives on salads he looks more like a camp victim). When I eat those same foods, you can guess the reaction (if you can't, it's a strong 180 degrees from Chadd's reaction).

I enjoy cooking as a form of stress relief. After a hectic day, cooking is my way of unwinding and also a way to do something nice for Chadd. Problem? I haven't taken the time to learn how to make a dual dinner--something where I can cook a similar dish for both of us, one needs to be low-cal, low-fat and the other needs to be high on the fatty protein and carbs. I know there are tips and tricks to doing example:

Cajun Shrimp and Tomato Pasta
- Tomatos
- Mushrooms
- Onion
- Pasta
- Shrimp
- Cajun seasoning
- Cream
- Parmesan Cheese

- Marinate the shrimp in a ton of cajun seasoning and a little bit of olive oil. 15min - 1 hour
- Cut up tomatos, mushrooms, and onions
- Boil water for pasta
- Heat saute pan and cook shrimp, once slightly pink, add veggies and more cajun seasoning and salt to taste

Here is where I can take out my serving of the shrimp mix, put it next to veggies and maybe some whole grain rice, and voila. Protein rich, good food.

For Chadd:
- once pasta is cooked, dump out water and put pasta back in large pot on heat
- add shrimp mix and cream (I have NO idea how much, it's a thing that you just begin to see) and cook until cream gets thick
- before serving, add more cajun seasoning, salt, and a handful of parmesan, stir til cheese is melted, and commence to fatten up the boyfriend.

I need more recipes like that. Anyone have any recommendations?

The great thing about this detox is that it's forced me to focus on what I put into my body. I've been drinking a lot more water and eating a ton of fruit and vegetables. I've experimented with quinoa like you wouldn't believe (I'll post a recipe later that will blow your mind), and stayed away from alcohol.

I feel lean, well hydrated, and healthy. I have been battling my share of cravings: pizza (or anything with melted cheese, I'd have done illegal things for a quesadilla this week), chocolate (which I normally never crave), and diet coke (sparkling water helped cut that one back a bit); but I feel a lot more in control of what I eat, instead of letting what I eat control me.

When the detox is over (or more likely, when I get to the beach trip where I won't have control over the food available to me), I plan to introduce everything back into my diet--dairy, wheat, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol--but I plan to do it in moderation. I've really enjoyed experimenting with different grains and the amount of water I've been drinking instead of coffee and diet coke is much healthier, no matter how you slice it. If I can keep the life style I'm living now (heavy on the real foods with my mind on fueling my body, not filling it), I'll be in a much better position.

Do you think you focus on what you eat?
What food are you most reliant on?
How would you deal with cravings?

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  1. I've been trying to put more thought into how I'm eating, too. Since I eat out a fair bit for dinner, I try to make breakfast and lunch as healthy as possible. There are sacrifices I'm just not willing to make (detox, for example), but I've had a lot of success with making a big pot of breakfast for the week. I try to get plenty of fiber and protein in it. Stuff like rice and red beans with an egg on top, savory bread puddings with whole wheat bread and egg whites and skim milk and veggies, and this week steel cut oatmeal with dried fruit, honey, and nuts.

    I've also been marinating veggies. I pick the ones that are robust enough to stand up to 5 days of marinating and just dump some on top of lettuce each day at work as a big salad for lunch (without soggy lettuce! plus it doesn't really need another dressing).

    It's a fair bit of time at the beginning of the week, but it helps me make sure breakfast and lunch aren't a nutritional loss (as they sometimes are when I get home late and have to prep food for the next day).

    I'd love it if you'd post more nutritional powerhouse recipes.