Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Social Salads

This week was supposed to start epic salad eating time--you know, the period where I was going to have a salad for at least one meal a day.


I do have all the stuff to make said salads...but then life kinda got in the way.

Sunday night I made a beautiful dinner of a roasted pork tenderloin, broccoli from the market, and Chadd's favorite--my scalloped potatoes.  That turned into lunch on Monday and dinner last night was all sorts of great Mexican food with a touch of tequila with Blair for a much needed girl talk.

Chadd's working nights as well as days right now--his old company needs someone to train his replacement and has offered him a pretty sweet hourly rate to come in as a contractor.  With the pay cut that he took and the holidays coming up--there wasn't a question in either of our minds.  I'm currently trying to figure out how to make up the income I'm losing while I have minor surgery and won't be teaching for a couple weeks (adds up to a couple hundred bucks) if you know of something let me know!

So my vision of us being home together and cozy by 7pm is pretty much not happening for a bit, which is fine.  As usual, I have an overblown social calendar for this week:

Tonight: Teaching, Sweetgreen with Aria
Wednesday: teaching running group, drinks with high school friends at Buffalo to watch the magic game
Thursday: volunteering at Miriam's kitchen in the morning, book club that night
Friday: marathon party!

Anyway, since I am having Sweetgreen tonight, I'm definitely having a salad for one meal today, and I did avoid what we here call the "fuck it" lunch (whatever is fast and fatty even if we brought lunch).  So, I'll say today starts the salad kick and in the back of my mind, I need to remember to make a salad for lunch tomorrow.

I'm thinking fresh green mix from the market, cucumbers, blue cheese, carrots, hearts of palm, pecans, sliced apples, and if I have time, steamed artichokes on the side.

Throw me a salad idea for the week!

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