Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Ragnar Brigade

I loved the Ragnar race more than I have loved any race I've ever done.

Truly and honestly, I wish I could do that the rest of my life more than anything else.  And while there's no chance I'd ever get in on staff (and I love my current job anyway), there is apparently something new being formed called the Ragnar Brigade.  This group of 50 people will basically be running advertisements for Ragnar--you have to go to expos, rep the Ragnar, run a few races, and encourage people to captain teams.

Hello, I do this anyway!

Right now I'm filling out my application and decided to work through it with you, my wider reading audience.

1) I have participated in the following Ragnars:
- Washington, DC.
- Signed up for Florida Keys 2011 (!!!!)
- I have a five year plan to do all the Ragnars

2) I am passionate about running because:
I am passionate about running because it's what makes me feel alive.  I can run by myself, with friends, with total strangers and feel exhilarated in a way that some people feel on roller coasters.  I love the exhausted and accomplished feeling that comes after a long run and the geeky running conversations I can have with fellow runners.  Running is an adventure, a challenge, and a comfort to me.

3) What are your personal running goals?
1. I want to do a race in every state (5 down...)
2. I want to every Ragnar race
3. I want to encourage my friends and family to discover a love of running
4. Run at least 1 race every year of my life--well into my 80's at least!
5. Run a sub 4 marathon (so close last time! 4:08!)

4) What makes you a good candidate for the Brigade?
I jump into things with both feet. I captained a team for my first Ragnar, gathering friends and strangers. I loved every moment of Ragnar DC 2010.  I signed up almost immediately afterwards for Florida Keys without a full team because I KNEW we could get a full team just sharing our experience from the last race (and we did!)

I am dedicated to health and wellness--I teach aerobics twice a week and have started a small running group without compensation at the YMCA because I want to share running with people.  I'm involved with the fitness community in the area through the three gyms in the DC area where I teach and sub.  I love the culture of running.  I try to run a race every month, and my enthusiasm for Ragnar know no bounds (my friends are really tired of hearing about how much they missed out).  I'm outgoing and able to talk to anyone.  I often attended job fairs for a previous employer because of my ability to connect with almost anyone who approached us.

I'm also a public relations and media specialist in the DC area--I know how to market and message everything from products to people to events.

5) Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
I would love nothing more than to be a greater part of Ragnar.  I feel so connected to the spirit of the race and would dedicate myself whole heartedly to the Ragnar Brigade.

Cross your fingers for me!

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