Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A follow up on the bucket list (and PIE!)

Sandeep, one of my Ragnar teammates, sent me this great link:

It's a great way to get started thinking about your bucket list!  I need to add to mine after looking over that.

In other news, it's Chadd's first night not working (so he's playing video games) and it's sadly the first night that I've been at work til almost 7.  Go figure.  I'm home now...working.

At least I love the work I do.

If you want to see photos of me at the race, here's your link:

My favorite?  The one of me holding my medal with the marines behind me.  That expression is one of the most genuine I can make: bliss.  Running gives me euphoria, which I imagine to be something like a high trip on drugs.  My senses get totally over loaded after a long run--if it's long enough, I usually wind up crying because I am just so happy that my body can't take it.  Except it's not "happy" as we know it, it's something else.  I can't describe it, but when you feel it, you know it.

Yaay!  See, the bliss look lasts for a couple hours.

By the way--DC locals, one of my dearest friends is the founder of currently-named Crazy Bitch Pies (soon to have a home in Old Town)...she made me a chocolate creme pie for congrats on the marathon and it's basically the most amazing thing I've ever had.  If you're interested in procuring amazing pies, let me know and I'll link you up!

Still too sore to work out today, may have to resign myself to taking the week off.

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