Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mia Cooks - Why?

I am not #fitfluential.

I won't ever apply. Not that I blog enough, though I certainly tweet enough. Regardless. Over the past few months, some of us have noticed that the "fit crowd" (my term to make sure I don't help their SEO), have been endorsing some not so "fit" options.

Thus was born #Fatfluential. I have no idea who is behind it, but I want to be their best friend forever (seriously, I love you guys). It started as a light-hearted, spoof account. It was the "Mean Girls" movie in the Twitterverse; it showed the fit crowd as larger-than-life, mostly-ridiculous. And then, buoyed by their no-bull followers (myself included), #Fatfluential started taking on it's superficial cousin instead of just spoofing them, and so did their followers.

What is Fatfluential?

Train hard, eat lots, laugh harder - we are athletes who eat - RTing the best of your #proof (this is a spoof of FitFluential)
Recently, our cousins got a little taste of some "food" and decided that it was blog worthy. I'm not without sin. I've eaten frozen stuff. I've indulged in pizza. I won't judge if you eat it. But I will judge if you dare tell me it's super healthy.

Because it's not.

Fatfluential responded with the following Tweets

And you know what was amazing? People started offering to teach others how to cook. For free. 

All over the country.

Because I once relied on losing weight as being calories in/calories out, I feel that I can speak with some authority on this topic. You can lose weight eating processed food. But you know what happens? You're miserable and everything tastes vaguely...fake. And when you want something real, it all goes to hell. At what price convenience? 

I started working with Christine (that link will take you to a limited time offer to work with her at a reduced rate). I learned that just because you love to cook does not mean you only have to cook unhealthy (but delicious) food. I also learned that healthy, home cooked food is...wait for it...amazing. I lost 12 pounds following this basic plan and it wasn't hard; in fact, it was easy.

And so I volunteered my kitchen to teach people how to cook.

I'm trying it out tonight through the hashtag #miacooks. I'll start at 8:30pm and [hopefully] upload a blog post with video, more pictures, and further directions.

Tonight, kids, we're making butternut squash soup. And you may get dragged along for the ride when I make homemade bolognese and mushroom caps. We'll see.

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