Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm back

And I'm still pretty impulsive.

Hi, your friendly distance idiot here.

After a particularly unique evening of partying with friends, I woke up disappointed with myself and 2012. What is wrong with me? Why do I feel unaccomplished, sluggish, fat and all that.

Oh I know. I haven't done anything challenging in a long time. I love my Ragnar races almost as much as my cats and Chadd, but while challenging, I see them more as fun, me time with my running friends...traveling, exploring, hilarity - not a challenge that I don't think I can do. The hardest part of a Ragnar, for me, is the logistics. Being Captain Logistics gets you that worry.

Half marathons are a good way to force myself to keep running but I'm blessed to be able to do that without training.

I'm registered for the Flying Pig full marathon in May. I know, I know. I said I was done after my second one, but y'all, let's be serious. That 4:08 still haunts me. I may say that about a 3 something that is over my Boston Qual time, but...I did say I reserved the right to run a 3rd if I didn't beat 4 hours.

So, I did something impulsive when my amazing cousin - hereafter, Alison- (she's doing two IM70.3 AND a FULL IM!) mentioned that the National Harbor (Maryland) is getting it's own Ironman 70.3 in August of this year. I signed up.

Y'all, I don't even have a road bike. Well, didn't. I do now.

I don't swim well, but I'm working on that with Bryan's help, slow and steady practice (including minor panic attacks in the pool!)

Between writing reports at work and commercial breaks during The Biggest Loser, I built out 7 weeks of prep training. None of them are at all where I need to be for doing an IronMan 70.3 (I need a better way to write that out, IM70.3?), but since Flying Pig is approaching quickly, my main focus is there.

In the mean time, I'm going to start interviewing tri-coaches. I need someone who can give me the workouts that will give me confidence that I won't drown.

Til hard and be well.


  1. You're totally fine. I got a bike in late June last year, after having not been on one for 5+ years, and did a tri in late July. Have fun!

  2. Yaaay she is back! I appreciate you making my leap at an olympic tri sane. Best part is, I know we will both rock it out :)