Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whole30 - Round 2 - Week 1

2013 sucked for me in many ways. Injuries, stress, family health, car accident, job market fun for me and Chadd. So now that I've said that, we can move onto the more positive things going on in 2014!

First, I started a new job. In general, I try to avoid talking about my professional life on this blog, so take it from me when I say I'm expecting to work a lot of hours and have to get creative with working out. Hint: it rhymes with shmearly shmorning schmorkouts....

Along with the greater blogosphere, it seems, I've decided to do another round of Whole30. If you want any information at all about Whole30, I recommend a) the Whole30 website or b) the past few posts on my blog, where you'll find resources I recommend, my experience, and my favorite photos of myself post Whole30.

I'm on Day 3 right now, and the only side effect I have right now is an incredibly stuffy nose. I've mentioned that I wanted to achieve "inexpensive" meals to prove that paleo is affordable. That information will slowly be added into the blog as it requires the maths and we all know how much I love numbers.

Here's a recap so far of what I've been eating, how I've been feeling, and all that nonsense:

Day 1: Monday, January 6
Breakfast: Quiche (almond flour crust, eggs, veggies, bacon filling) and half a Texas grapefruit
Lunch: Moroccan meatballs, grapes
Dinner: Chicken gumbo (which we think tastes more like pot pie filling, less like gumbo), broccoli, peach/cherry crumble for Chadd's "birthday cake"

I have never noticed how terrible and poofy I've felt until this day. I vaguely recall feeling similarly self conscious on day 1 of the last round. I went to bed feeling like 30 days was a long time - not because I couldn't do it...but because it felt like 30 days was so long to wait to feel so good.

Day 2: Tuesday, January 7
Breakfast: Quiche, grapefruit
Lunch: root veggie bisque, grapes
Dinner: Big salad with Chinese-style "peanut" dressing

Why can't I stop peeing? TMI. Why can't I sleep? My stomach feels horrible, but more like I was coming off a hangover (I wasn't).

Day 3: Wednesday, January 8
Breakfast: Quiche, grapefruit
Lunch: Root veggie bisque, cucumber "noodle" asian salad
Dinner: Shrimp with lizard sauce (red sauce), steamed veggies

Aside from feeling like I'd gotten hit in the head when I woke up this morning, noticeable improvements in poof factor. Track practice felt amazing, minus the constrained breathing from the cold.

Right now, my goals are pretty simple for the first 30 days of my job (along with Whole30):
- Make track practice every week
- Crossfit or strength workout once a week
- Yoga once a week
- Long run every week
- One swim or cycle workout/week

It's not a lot, especially as compared to what used to be my training schedule, but I know that at least once a week, I'll have to put the hours in at the office or I'll just want to be home, decompressing. If I do more than that, I'll be satisfied, but I won't stress it.

So. Who else is doing Whole30 with me?


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