Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I used to write a blog - last month recap

And I wish I still did. Maybe with the pairing down of other things in my life, I can take some more time to work on this little outlet.

Here is your brief recap:

1) I did finish Whole30. I even have half of a week three blog post written. I loved it and I'm going back to it right after Ragnar Colorado. We're modified paleo in our house right now, but not nearly strict enough to make me feel good. I lost 12 pounds on Whole30. I highly recommend you give it a shot.

2) I am injured. My left ankle has been cranky on and off since February. When I was being very easy on training, doing yoga, and going to ART on the regular, I was not in pain. Clearly, I haven't been doing any of that, minus being easy on training. My shoulder pain has now moved to my LEFT shoulder. It has been a lot more painful than my right shoulder was, but seemed to have loosened up a little over the past weekend.

3) I quit training. For now. Sometimes, you have to work through a mental block. Other times, you have to take a break. Training wasn't fun anymore. I didn't WANT to race. Or train. The idea of getting into the pool made me irritable. I wrote Coach an email and we agreed to take the rest of the year off so I could start again in January fresh. I'm about a month in from that email...and I STILL don't want to train. I have faith I'll go back to it...but before January.

4) I quit teaching. The Y is both a wonderful and a hard place to work. My class, for 6 years, has been a joy to teach, but at the end, it was too hard to get back from work on time to teach without stress. I was getting subs at least twice a month...and that's just not fair to my participants. The Y made it super easy for me to quit with some bad attitude on their behalf.

5) I worked at the Color Run this weekend. And that will be a whole other post. Because it was amazing.

Oh, ps. I'm doing Ragnar Colorado on no training in 2 days.

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