Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Update! I AM alive!

First of all.  I am so so so sorry.

I know I've been neglecting the blog for about a month.  It's been busy here, to say the least.  I love my new job and have done a fairly decent job of staying healthy and keeping my work outs in line instead of ditching them like I did with my last job when things got busy.

I have a status update on my own fitness journey:
- I haven't stepped on the scale in over a month (mostly at the recommendation of my dietician who agrees with me and suggested I live by my own words that weight is the least accurate representation of your health)
- I fit into a size 2 levi jeans (ah!)
- I feel fantastic enough to not worry about the actual number on the scale
- Chadd and I are going to the beach with his family at the end of July (which has inspired me to whip my butt back into shape eating right)

I'm at that magical point in my life where I am 95% confident with how I look.  I am still struggling (as I think I always will) with looking like a hard body runner's world model...because that's just not how it ever will be.  I will always have a little softness because, well, women are supposed to.  That's just how we're built.

Better milestones are shaving time off my races, having better endurance, and being able to eat an extra cheeseburger per week.

I concluded my sessions with my dietician the other week.  She showed me how far we'd come--from me obsessively logging calories and having honest to goodness bad moods over going a few calories over my allotted calorie intake, measuring progress really only by weight loss, etc.  I feel like I graduated from the school of learning to eat better.  Now, I just need to enroll in the school of better time management.

I'm finding myself continuing to eat well, but I'm doing it by walking across the street to get a lean veggie curry dish from the Thai restaurant, or stopping by trader joe's for a salad, when I really need to be saving the money and just making food at home.

Currently, to keep myself at a place where I am comfortable/happy/confident, I need to do the following:
- 1 hour session with my personal trainer on Monday (extremely painful, extremely beneficial)
- 1 hour yoga on Tuesday morning, teach 1 hour step class on Tuesdays
- 1 hour workout on my own (usually running) or rest Wednesday
- 1 hour Body Pump class on Thursday
- Rest on Friday
- 1 hour Body Pump class on Saturday
- 1 hour 20-20-20 class on Sunday

At best, I get three days off if I'm not teaching a Thursday or a Saturday (usually I do one or the other).

The problem here is that I don't have a lot of time for running.  It's already June which means I should be warming up my marathon training this month.  My plan for my modified schedule looks like this:

Monday: AM: 5 mile run; PM: 1 hr. training session
Tuesday: AM: Yoga; PM: Teach Step
Wednesday: AM or PM: 5 mile run
Thursday: PM: Body Pump or 6 mile run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Body Pump or Long Run
Sunday: 20-20-20 and Long Run (if Long Run wasn't done on Saturday)

It looks like a lot, but just like some people like to come home from work and read, or go for a walk, or go out for drinks, I really do enjoy going to the gym, coming home to feeling physically relaxed, making dinner, popping on the tv, and chilling out.

When Chadd changes jobs, we'll likely move a few of those workouts to the morning so that we can spend time together in the evening.  I have four more sessions with Kimina (my awesome awesome awesome trainer), once those are over, I'll probably use that time for more running, then sign up again for another 8 sessions closer to the marathon.

New feature to blog will be food planning.  Probably will appear this weekend!

In the mean time, where are you with your fitness goals?

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  1. Hi, I miss your blog. Come back sometime? :)