Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Return

I know, I know. I've been a bad blogger.

I'll change.

So after all of those days eating well, working out, making good decisions, I blew it for like a month. I basically ate what I wanted, when I wanted. I had copious amounts of wine, pizza, and whatever else was in front of me. Horrible.

And let me tell you, it caught up with me because I didn't keep up with it.

I read a while ago that someone calls that the "two day gym monster." And man is it true.

After two days, it's such a hassle to go. It's not that you've fallen out of the habit, so much as that you KNOW it's going to suck. So rarely have I been away from the gym only to come back to a wonderful workout. It always hurts. It's never empowering....in a word: crap.

So, I decided to out-wit myself, which, I'm sure loyal readers, you've noticed I do often. Examples:
1) Pasta: If I have minced veggies that LOOK like pasta, I'll think it's pasta.
Result: Gas and irritation....but good minced veggies, if I was in the mood for that sort of thing.

2) If I set my alarm in the kitchen, the cat will get up and won't shut up and I'll have to feed him then go to the gym and I wont' get back in bed.
Result: Near strangulation of cat, four letter words, and a missed workout (sometimes...I actually do make it most of the time, albeit begrudgingly)

3) I won't shower tonight so that I have to get up and go to the gym so that I shower.
Result: Hitting snooze a million times until I sleep later than I normally would have, skip a shower, and try to hide in a corner of my cube so no one sees that my hair is greasy.


SO. I came up with a new brilliant plan. Sign up for a billion 5ks. 5ks are no big deal in my world. It's only the fact that it's less than pleasant to get up at 6am on a Saturday to go for a run, but over all, I do enjoy them. I enjoy the crowd, and the group warm ups, and the other runners stretching and chatting. It makes me wish I belonged to a running group. I can't commit though, even to the ones who drink afterwards.

But regardless. I had my first 5k (ever, unbelievable) a couple weeks ago, the Step Away From Cancer 5k, which I cleared in 25:53, which I considered a victory.

Then there was the disaster that was the Wolf Trap Howl-o-Ween Fun Run 5k. There was NOTHING fun about that. It was basically the Hills of F*ck You 5k. The ENTIRE thing was uphill with tiny downhill breaks that artificially sped you up, then slammed you right into a monster hill.

I was going to barely clear that thing in 30 until some guy ran up next to me, probably early 40s and was like "nope, come on." I.Ran.The.Damn.Thing.With.Him. That was like 1.5 miles and it was unkind. I barely scraped in at 27:17.

I have two more scheduled, which is probably dumb. One in two weeks, the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k for Colon Cancer (ha...ha.) and then a Turkey Trot with my mom and brother. I was all confident until my brother moved off to Colorado for college and started running almost every day. His lung power will blow me away, even though I'm used to teaching and talking...it's a whole different thing to be a mile above sea level.

In other news, while I'll keep blogging probably every other day, I will be on blogcation this Friday and Saturday. I'll be out at a workshop for fledgling personal trainers like myself. I expect to come home in pain.

Until then. Say no to the fries or yes to the treadmill.

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